5 things every gamer needs to improve their gaming setup

Whether you’re struggling to hit the high scores or you want to make your gaming sessions more comfortable and enjoyable, there are so many ways to improve your gaming setup and create the ultimate desk for your binges. Below, we’ve rounded up five things you must have if you want to make your dream setup reality – read on and let us know your thoughts…


Oversized mousepad

There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of space on your mousepad and having to take a break from your game mid-fight. Rather than a standard mousepad you’d find at any school or office, treat yourself to a proper gaming mousepad that gives you more space to play, without the constraints. What’s more, high-quality gaming mousepads have surfaces designed for performance, so you can precisely control your mouse at critical moments.


USB desk fan

Particularly in the summer, staying cooped up in your bedroom or office can be hard work, so why not treat yourself to a USB desk fan so you can keep yourself and your room cool? You can pick one of these up for less than $5/£5, or you could go the whole hog and buy a Dyson bladeless desk fan, offering a cooling breeze without drowning out the sound of your game.


A proper gaming laptop

We’re not going to get into the PC/laptop argument or recommend the best configuration for your gaming needs – the truth is that we’re all looking for something different when it comes to our computer. However, if you’re always on the go and don’t have the time for those long gaming sessions at home, then consider buying the best laptop for gaming so that you can play when you’re on the train or the plane – all you need is a download or good WiFi signal!


LED lights

What stereotypical gaming session would be complete without some LED lights? Sure, LEDs aren’t practical, but they make your gaming setup look great – even more so if you stream your sessions on Twitch or YouTube. The best part is that they’re super cheap, and you can tailor them to your favorite game so that your room looks great. Why not go for a cool blue or a multi-colored LED strip at the top of your desk? Just don’t let it distract you from gaming!


Gaming chair

Finally, a good gaming chair. If you’re going to spend your afternoons and evenings sitting in front of the computer, then you should at least do so in style. Gaming chairs offer you more support for your back, helping you keep your posture and allowing you to play your favorite games for hours on end. Don’t go for the cheapest – a good quality gaming chair may set you back $500-$1,000, but it’ll be worth it in the long-run and offer you years of gaming comfort.


What other essentials do you recommend as part of a gaming setup? Let us know on social media, and check back for more interesting gaming news and content every week.

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