Zombie Tag Evolution Gaming Experience

Generation of the 21st century is addicted to gaming. Gamers get hands on the latest gaming applications as soon as they hit the market. A little while back, a new GPS enabled, multiplayer,  chase game was launched commonly dubbed as fanciful Zombie Apocalypse. The game is named as  Zombie Tag Evolution. It is state of the art mobile gaming app that provides an epic experience of Zombies World.  The idea behind creating such a game is to provide players a chance to experience Hollywood movie-like zombie apocalypse.

The game has some thrilling and astonishing features. It has actual geo-location feature which enables a player to connect to other players nearby. The game transforms your locality (within the radius of 30 to 60m) into a zombies land full of flesh-hungry Zombies. Players have the choice of being zombies or humans and try tackling some nightmarish obstacles. The human player can earn points by staying alive for a longer time and passing as many levels as they possibly can in the game. While the player who has chosen to be zombie has to tag (bite) maximum humans score highest. These points will let the player buy cheat codes and cures. The game comprises of short and fast rounds not letting the game become uninteresting at any level.

Zombie Tag Evolution is comparatively very unique in many ways. The 3D exposure that the game provides will make the players feel as if zombies have actually overtaken their surroundings. The game has customization options which give players a chance to design their own Avatars and use them in the game. Unlike other games including Fortnite, Zombie Tag allows players to earn new skins, clothes for their Avatars rather than making in-app purchases. Users will remain hooked to the game with phone alerts so they may not miss any race or challenge in the game.

Zombie Tag Evolution helps players connect with fellow gamers, explore new places around you with inbuilt geo-location feature, provides entertainment and develops the sense of community. The game keeps the players socially engaged and allow people to communicate with people they never met inspiring healthy and friendly competition on social media in the form of a game. The player can either compete with each other or team up to play.

The game is a major addition to the list of mobile games that people prefer to play these days. The game is designed for all age groups. It is a treat for seasoned gamers and kids who are addicted to gaming and prefer to play chase games. Zombie tag evolution provides you with a variety of new options comparatively better than the previous mobile gaming apps. Each feature of the game is designed to perfection with excellent and clear graphic providing gamers with a quality experience. The best part of this game is, it won’t isolate you rather enables its players to connect in real life through a game that encourages to explore instead of limiting the player to just an application.

Zombie Tag Evolution is a must play thing!

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